Knowing the Best Pain Management Doctors near You | How To

Are you tired of finding top pain management doctors near you? Yep! There are a lot of ways to find your best pain management specialists near you using online reviews, recommendations by friends, etc…. But, narrowing down the doctor who can help you relieve your chronic pain is more important.

What is the specialty of pain management doctors?


  •  Able to treat all types of pains such as knee pain, shoulder pain, spinal and neuropathic pain disorders
  •  Lend a hand to patients from getting into a condition of chronic pain
  •  Helps in reducing the severity of pain
  •  Improve patients’ quality of life

Why should I prefer a pain management centre?

When compared to a primary care doctor, Pain management clinics offer patients with a team of health care providers with a variety of pain management strategies and plan. Complied with a list of pain management clinic is right for you?  What’s next!

Steps to find the best pain management doctors near you:

1. Have a word with your insurance firm

Check with your insurance company and confirm if they have different constraints to find a doctor in your network or they have any list of out of network and in network providers to choose from. Some insurance companies may also ask for recommendation from your primary care doctor.

2. Speak with your primary care doctor

As your primary care doctor has already be familiar with few of the symptoms and troubles, collect all information about what could be reason for your pain. Additionally, you can ask them to suggest any pain management doctors you may consult in and near by your locality.

3. Consult with your family and friends

Asking for Personal opinions from your beloved ones is priceless while finding the best pain management doctors near you. They can tell about the pain management clinic infrastructure and their services, cleanliness, and appointments procedures, etc…

4. Use a search tool online

You can do your own research to find a potential pain management doctors from the sources such as U.S. News, ZocDoc, Vitals, Healthgrades, Rate MDs, AngiesList, etc…

Most of these sources will provide patients data which includes patient reviews, doctor qualifications, Certifications, Disciplinary actions against them if any, memberships or affiliations, Contact details, etc…

5. Contact the pain management doctor or clinic

Deciding on a pain management doctor is a big decision. After finding the pain management clinic you wish to get treatment, you can question them and confirm if they can diagnose your pain. If you feel satisfied after the call, book an appointment with a doctor and know what services they are doing and how they can treat your pain.

6. Think yourself as CEO of your health

You are the boss of your health when it comes to the medicines you take, the food you eat, and the lifestyle you live.

Even if you find the best pain management doctor in the world, he or she cannot visit your home and confirm whether you are following his/her instructions. The boss version of you will likely set lofty pain management goals like eating healthy, exercising, and researching new potential treatments.

7. Stay informed

It’s up to you to be aware of your health condition with questions in mind and attend your pain management doctor appointments. Though, pain management specialists are the medical professionals who can make you feel better. But except you, no one knows very well about your own body. Help your doctor in understanding you better so that you will enjoy positive outcomes.

8. Make the most out of visits

First, make a list of concerns you may have before you make the visit to your pain management doctor so that you will get most of the benefits from them. During the session with your doctor, if you did not understand anything, do not hesitate to ask and get clarified. Ask your relative or caretaker to accompany you for the appointment. As you cannot keep all the information told by doctor and second person can recollect some information said by doctor during appointment. If you feel you have bad memory, feel free to take notes. Always keep all the notes, questions, and research of interest in one place at your home so that it is easily accessible when needed.

9. Be genuine and patient while in communication with doctor

Doctors can only visualize your pain but did not feel it as you do. So, be honest in explaining about how much the pain is hurting you. If you say less or exaggerate about your pain, doctor will not be able to provide you how badly this pain will affect you in future. Feel free to tell about the kind of food you eat and even you smoke or drink. Doctors must know all the information about you so that he can make the best decisions about your treatment.

At Integrated Pain Management, Dr. Shawn Roofian is a pain management specialist offering pain management treatments for men and women of all ages in Beverly Hills, Tarzana, Glendale. If you have an underlying condition that causes pain, call Integrated Pain Management or schedule an appointment online today.


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Shawn Roofian, MD, Beverly Hills, CA
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